TECHNICAL INFORMATION We can retrieve drawings on diskettes or by E-mail Drawings: XMOLD Files: DWG-IGES-VDA-STL-DXF
TOTAL AREA 3700 mē
INDOORS AREA 1000 m² entirely heated by floor heating

CL-200 lathe... click here for more

SV-400 center... click here for more
Production :
3 lathes with display
5 CN lathes including one 3-axis lathe and an "innovation" - an automated loading and unloading lathe
2 milling machines with displays
4 machining centers including one 12000 rpm - 22 kW center with four simultaneous axes
1 micro shot-peening machine
Control room with ROCH measurement column and A4 ROCH printer
standard calibrated shims
roughness meter
hardness meter
data processing:
CAD-CAM system - 2 workstations
CNC machines connected to workstations
Computer Aided Production Management

General and precision mechanics: specialized in the manufacture of parts to customer drawings, and customer parts with complex and precise shapes.

Part manufacturing capacity: diameter from 20 to 600 mmlength from 20 to 1600 mm in a maximum prism of 750x410x410Weight 300 g to 120 kg

Machining of single parts in small and medium production series according to customer drawings - Production of mechanical assemblies, tooling and prototypes - Machining on customer parts - Repair - Troubleshooting

KNOW HOW Turning - Milling - Micro shot peening - External and internal grinding - Mirror polish - Inspection
RADIUS OF ACTION Regional - National - European
CERTIFICATION OR APPROVAL ISO 9002 certification end of 2001
REFERENCES Chemicals - Petrochemicals - Cryogenics - Nuclear - Offshore - Valve fittings - Steel works - Medical - Electronic - Aeronautical


QUEUNIEZ head offices are in eastern France at a point at which all major European highways meet, and it has customers in all parts of France and the Common Market

Geographic Situation

QUEUNIEZ Precision Mecanics

Z.A. du bunner - B.P. 58 - 57302 HAGONDANGE CEDEX
Phone: (33) 03 87 71 27 38 - Fax : (33) 03 87 70 31 93
E-mail :

steels - stainless steels - refractories - nickel alloys - light alloys - copper - brass - plastics

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